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BVB UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)
Hindenburgstraße 16
74395 Mundelsheim

Telefon +49 631 91 46 9880
Telefax +49 631 91 46 9899

BVB UG – Success can be designed

BVB UG news

Autenburg Finance joins "BVB UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)"

Zella-Mehlis. On 01.08.2019, Autenburg Finance joins the global leading "BVB UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)" of HTI Gienger. [Available in German only]

EU grants for launching innovations

SME symposium with Bernd Reichert, PhD and head of uni SMEs at the European Commission on 18.06.2019 at BVB UG Consult, Ellwangen. [Available in German only]

15th employee anniversary

15 years ago, on 06.06.2000, Mrs. Susanne Kaiser startet to work for BVB UG as one of the first employees. She is part of the "funding team" and helped to build and bring the company forward in many ways. Many thanks!

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BVB UG (Haftungsbeschränkt) at VDI symposium

Zella Mehlis. BVB UG (Haftungsbeschränkt) participates in the 5th VDI symposium "energy storage for the energy revolution", 23.-24.06.2019 / Fürth. [Available in German only]

Ministry of Finance and Economics visits cluster biomastec

Ellwangen. Edith Köchel, member of Baden-Württemberg's Ministry of Finance and Economics, visits BVB UG's cooperation cluster biomastec on 04.05.2019. [Available in German only]

AMPECT GmbH presents charging infrastructure system at "MobiliTec"

Zella-Mehlis. Two charging infrastructure systems have been presented successfully at "MobiliTec" Hannover, 13.-17. April 2019. [Available in German only]

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